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    We specialise in producing high-impact marketing collateral that gets your brand noticed. All our products have inert intelligence and carry a branded message to recipients in a compelling and memorable way.

Are you looking for a unique solution to your marketing needs? The team at Hvhong is here to assist you. We are renowned for the manufacture and sale of quality video brochures. We supply across us and overseas.

We specialize in the production of innovative, high quality and tactile printed marketing tools. We utilize cutting-edge printing techniques, enabling us to create the unusual and you to communicate your message in a uniquely different way.

why us

Our job is to make the design and production process of your video brochure as simple and as seamless as possible. We have a highly experienced team who understand not only the needs of our customers but the technicalities of the products themselves. Pick up the telephone and talk to one of our account managers

Why You Should Choose Our Services

According to customer demand, equipped with a complete video equipment upgrade, to ensure smooth connection of each process, processing fast and efficient, effective quality control.

module parts

Module Parts

Use of superior-quality, module parts such as monitor, batteries, motherboard, PCBA, buttons etc

product range

Product Range

The wide product range of varied specifications

Technical Support

Provide the best technical support and service

Queries and Concerns

Prompt and efficient handling of queries and concerns


Supply of Grade A, recycled parts

after sale support

After-sale Support

Remote and on-site after-sale support


Technical Support

Quick turnaround time of 5-7 days



Customer as well as the best equipment and solution


In the meantime, our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE, FCC, ROHS, PROP65 and other related product testing and certification.









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